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 Hand painted wooden eggs - Pysanky

(with description of their symbolisms): 

Pysanky the Ukrainian custom of egg decorating is traditionally done in the spring around Easter but can be made these designs any time of year.
What about giving a Pysanky-styled egg for best wishes on New Year Day. Or, on a religious holiday about new beginnings and good wishes, or may be on the first day of spring? Give one when a new baby is born, or as a special wedding gift. Or, even, to celebrate the first day of the school year.
Pysanky are typically made to be given to family members and respected outsiders. To give a pysanka is to give a symbolic gift of life, which is why the egg must remain whole. Furthermore, each of the designs and colors on the pysanka is likely to have a deep, symbolic meaning.

Symbolism in Pysanky:
Geometric symbols - triangle (the Holy Trinity and the elements of air, fire, and water), diamonds (knowledge), curls (defense or protection), tripods (birth, life, and death). Dots became symbols of the tears of the blessed Virgin, hearts represent love.
Fruit symbolizes continuity, good fellowship, strong and loyal love, and love of God. An apple or plum motif, bring knowledge and health, cherry, a symbol of feminine beauty, grapes represented brotherhood, goodwill and long-lived and faithful love, as well as (together with wheat) the Holy Communion.
Flowers express the female principle denoting wisdom, elegance, and beauty.
Birds represent the pushing away of evil; they symbolize fertility, the fulfillment of wishes, and a good harvest. Roosters are symbols of good fortune, masculinity, or the coming of dawn, and hens represent fertility.
Insects, spiders and their webs symbolized perseverance, patience and artistic talent. The butterfly is a symbol of a carefree childhood, as well as the journey of the soul into eternal happiness. Bees were a symbol of hard work and pleasantness and represented all the good insects which should not be killed.
Fish, originally a symbol of health, eventually came to symbolize Jesus Christ, the "fisher of men." The fish represents abundance, as well as Christian interpretations of baptism, sacrifice, the powers of regeneration, and Christ himself.
Snake or serpent symbol on a pysanka is said to bring protection from catastrophe.
Color symbolism:
White - signified purity, birth, light, rejoicing, virginity.
Yellow - youth, love, the harvest and perpetuation of the family. It is the Christian symbol of reward and recognition.
Gold - Spirituality, wisdom.
Orange - The symbol of endurance, strength, and ambition. It is also the symbol of the everlasting sun.
Pink - Success, contentment.
Green - The color of fertility, health, and hopefulness; of spring, breaking bondage, freshness, and wealth.
Red - The magical color of folklore signifying action, charity, and spiritual awakening. It also represented the sun and the joy of life and love.
Blue - Represented blue skies or the air, and good health, truth, and fidelity.
Purple - Represented fasting, faith, trust, and patience.
Brown - Represented Mother Earth and her bountiful gifts; earth, harvest, generosity.
Black - Represented constancy or eternity, the center of the Earth, the darkest time before dawn. Black also signified death, fear, and ignorance.

    Pysanky will be a nice decoration for your house or the unique gift for your relative or friend.