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The hand carved wooden items:

These exquisite wooden items are hand carved in some of Carpathian Mountain’s villages of Western the Ukraine by skilled artisans.

Generally, craftsmen of this region have two basic styles of woodcarving.  In one, they incise lines into the surface of the wood and then fill them with different colors of varnish.  In another, use incising and chip carving techniques to make geometric patterns in their wood.  The rougher carving stands out against the polished background.  Additionally, they can insert tiny glass beads into the wood, following the outline of the patterns have carved. In most cases of woodcarving work, they use homemade tools. Ones of them are a pair of dividers, a shaped punches, pallet knife, etc.

The most of his items have been made out of different type of fruit trees wood. It has the natural color wood finish.

Any of these gorgeous wooden items would make a perfect addition to your own unique style home decor or use as a special and unusual gift for friends & family members.

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