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 Ukrainian Petrakivka art-style items.

These intricately detailed lacquer-painted decorative boxes, plates, bowls, etc., are done in the classic Ukrainian Petrykivka art style. 

Petrykivka's ornamental design employs images of birds and plants, with the painting technique characterized by large distinct strokes using mainly red, blue, green, and yellow colors. Petrykivka ornamental painting traditionally applies to wooden items such as decorative plates, jewelry boxes, vases, eggs, candles, etc.

  It is an extremely nice piece that showcases the artwork of the Ukrainian people and is very well made. Most of these creations are signed by their artist.

   Petrykivka folk art is known worldwide for its attention to detail and beauty, making it a treasured collectible.

  Any of these items would make an unforgettable gift or a beautiful bright accent to any room’s décor and as an excellent addition to your home collectibles.